Scholarly debates and Floral Games

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Scholarly debates and Floral Games Empty Scholarly debates and Floral Games

Post by Cèsar de Quart on Sat Jun 08, 2013 1:07 pm

Some people did follow a "scholar" career. Usually clerics that taught at some university, but also monks and lays in towns and city councils.

Usually these people took a stance in the "Great Debates" of their time. Will the world end in the year 1000 AD? Is 1000 AD even 1000 AD actually, or has there been a calendar mismatch? Is the Earth round, or maybe those Greeks just talked a whole pile of nonsense? Where on Earth is Prester John? How many angels can dance at the tip of a pin? Etc.

I think it's nice flavour for scholar characters to include these events. They pick a choice or "visit some famous scholar for advise". Then our guy would leave for some time in order to resolve his problems, or if he's important enough, call for this great scholar.


The other flavour set of events for another kind of writer characters are the Floral Games, the Jochs Florals celebrated in Toulouse around 1325, organised by the Consistory of Gay Science and the Overjoyed Company of the Seven Troubadours.

If your character is a poet (or troubadour, if there's such trait), he will get events that the Floral Games (in Frankish, Spanish and Occitan, also maybe Italian and English, characters; Germans had their own traditions regarding the minnesänger and sung poetry) are about to begin, or to host them himself.

Although the Floral Games were initially meant to be "for troubadours from all the Tongue of Oc", that is, a contest in Occitan, we can be flexible and assume that Alfonso X the Wise would organise similar contests in Galician, the fashionable language of his time. In the 1330's, Peter IV of Aragon emulated the contest in Lleida, to be held in vernacular, just like John I the Hunter and Martin the Humanist both convoked Floral Games (under the name Feasts of Gay Science or Games of Science) to be written in vernacular, which, being already the late 1300's, probably meant Catalan (although we have no record or remains of any of the poems from the contest).

Events about the Floral Games (generic enough a name, in my opinion) and your character involvement in them, as if it was a grand tournament, would be very nice.
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