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Post by Ixor_Drakar on Wed Jun 05, 2013 1:15 pm

With the old gods the steppes can be truly playable now. So lets discuss what can be done to make them more interesting to play as.

Buildings for Grallonsphere

The vanilla buildings are a bit off for the actual lifestyle of steppe peoples.
Steppe barracks(Warrior Lodge): Heavy Infantry/Light Cavalry 290/160 at lvl 6
Steppe Stables(Riding Grounds): Light Cavalry/Horse Archer/Heavy Cavalry 190/100/35 at lvl 6

Obviously there is too much light cavalry and not enough horse archers, the main force of steppe peoples. Also the foot troops of steppe peoples were not heavy infantry. If anything they were levies of conquered peoples or dismounted archers.

So taking a cue from Europa Barbarorum on the naming I suggest these buildings.

Occupied Towns>Settled Communities>Large settled Communities etc.: Light Infantry/Archer maybe a small number of heavy infantry later
Small Herds>etc. : Horse Archer/Light Cavalry with archers being the main focus
Elite Herds> etc. : Heavy Cavalry/Horse archers

The Herds chain would represent the main populous of the warrior class while the Elite Herds class would represent the Noble class with better access to armor.
Will add more later but for now hunting and falconry events are obvious choices.

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