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Post by Solo on Wed May 15, 2013 5:14 pm

Compatible mods :

DEIOU (Evander)


BLC/Culturally Different Cities Compatibility patch (Calantyr) :
BLC/CDC Compatibility patch for TPTT

Instructions from Calantyr

This is a small submod to combine the fantastic Culturally Diverse Cities, Better Looking Characters, and Prince and the Thane mods. I have called it TPatTBLCCDC because I am extremely imaginative. It requires you to download all three mods and combine them but in an easy-to-use way that should avoid incompatibility. This combination mod is presented as an override to the Prince and the Thane, this means once the following steps have been completed you copy the whole combination mod over your Prince and the Thane installation.

Some parts of this mod WILL need to be updated in future. The Old Gods is scheduled for release soon and the new graphics included within the DLC will require the change of certain files in this mod. It will also need changing if new cultures are added to Prince and the Thane in future. I will try to do this myself as time permits but it should be fairly self-explanatory if you wish to do it yourself.

All credit goes to the original mod authors. To keep the size of this combination mod small, and to respect the original authors, you will need the original mods to make this submod work. If you wish to use my or their mods in your own work please give credit.

Download the latest versions of the following mods:
The Prince and the Thane (currently 2.1.1)
Culturally Different Cities (currently 3.25)
Better Looking Characters (currently 8d12)
NBRT+ (currently 0.4a)

1.!OPTIONAL! Make a backup of your Prince and the Thane mod folder if you are worried about making changes to it.
2. Extract TPatTBLCCDC to a temporary location so you can combine the required files without corrupting your Prince and the Thane installation.
3. Inside your Better Looking Characters file copy all the character graphic folders from BLC(?)/gfx/characters/ to your TPatTBLCCDC/gfx/characters directory.
4. Inside your Culturally Different Cities file copy all the settlement graphic folders from CulturalCities/gfx/models/Settlements/ to your TPatTBLCCDC/ gfx/models/Settlements/ directory.
5. !OPTIONAL! Inside your NBRT file copy all the contents from NBRT+ to your TPatTBLCCDC/ directory.
6. Copy the contents of your TPatTBLCCDC/ directory into your Prince and the Thane mod folder, overwriting when prompted.
7. Run the Prince and the Thane as you would normally, most likely through the Paradox launcher. Saves from unmodded Prince and the Thane may not be compatible.

I hope this was easy to follow and you can now enjoy the graphics of these fantastic mods. If you require any help with this submod feel free to contact me through the Paradox forums via my username.


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